Why Are We Different?

Your dedication and sense of urgency in developing our project management agenda has exceeded our expectations. It is a pleasure doing business with your fine organization.

OSI Outsourcing Service Model

Rather than working in a traditional client-vendor relationship, we work to build a true partnership and become fully integrated into our clients’ operations. Designed for long-term relationships, we attempt to fully integrate a team of highly dedicated Filipino professionals coupled with American Management into your existing business.

This model works by creating a team of professional employees that are 100% dedicated to a specific client’s work. We recruit, test, co-train, and manage “your” employees while constantly working with you to optimize the value of the relationship. A strong recruitment policy with rigid testing along with competitive compensation enables us to identify and hire well-qualified employees. These employees function as if they were your own employees only located at a remote office.

This model has huge advantages over the traditional outsourcing service model because all of the knowledge and experience gained by the employee working on your project is retained by you, ensuring that your results are consistent. And since we bill our employees at a flat monthly rate, all of the efficiency and productivity gained over time directly translate into savings for you.

Call Center Outsourcing